Below you will find a short summary of the contents of the film, and an introduction to a broader way of thinking. Please note that this is a much shorter version of the actual content! The film itself, of course, goes further, and due to the combination of script, picture and sound it becomes much clearer. In addition, the film contains important supplements from the scientists.


Life and death – the big questions: where do we come from, where are we going, and what is the purpose of our existence here on earth... Questions that have been asked since our early existence. However, throughout history we have apparently never recognized the many signs we encountered on our path, and which could have provided answers. Why?

The answer is... we ourselves are the problem! We limit ourselves by our limited way of thinking. And if we than do discover certain directives, we start to distort these so that practically nothing of these remain. It is also the reason why prophets and great oracles, when they revealed their knowledge and wisdom, were misinterpreted by our own limited way of thinking. Yet... answers and explanations are closer than we would surmise. The only thing we have to do is expand our way of thinking, after which we come to the conclusion that our universe and our consciousness consist of many layers.


At the beginning of the film a link is made between an important meeting between Uri Geller and Harry Beckers. Both had a meeting with a sphere of light, and both were prepared for this meeting. The origin of this process lay in experiments which the prominent scientist Andrija Puharich did with Uri Geller at the Stanford Research Institute in 1973. Uri proved to be 100% ' for real '. And oddly, during these experiments they also were visited by strange metallic voices.

The insights of Harry Beckers connected with the predictions done by these mysterious voices. These insights also gave a different and comprehensible picture of the particular capacities of Uri Geller – living proof of a wider reality. But more important, these insights are responsible for the broader intellectual framework outlined in the film.


Conscience. Our consciousness evolves through the process of thought. It consists of many states of different vibrations, frequencies, colours and sounds – as an emerging solar system. At each new birth, mankind is inspired by his consciousness, through information of experiences from previous lives. Our consciousness is a reflection of the source from which we originate. The consciousness has a Spiritual resemblance to the Universe. From the Source, everything is connected. The right to have a free will, granted to mankind, has shown that our individual development can differ significantly.

Reincarnation. Being born, living, dying, and being reborn again is like some kind of ‘missionary’ of consciousness. Mankind goes through this cycle until … the Light of the Atom (The Soul) becomes visible and enlightens the consciousness. These lives and the level of our personal growth are the secret behind the sense and non-sense we perform in our lives. One person learns quickly; someone else needs more time. Every event, each experience and thought are registered in the brain and exchanged with consciousness, and also stored there. Consequently the consciousness slowly but surely gains composure and structure. During the long cycle of reincarnation we landed everywhere on Earth: as a woman, man, rich, poor, repressor, slave, criminal, whore, murderer and victim, as well as a Hindu, a Buddhist, a Moslim...

Process of dying. To consciousness, dying is a happy event – the rounding off of another phase in the grand development process. Each death knows its own story and almost any process of dying has already happened within the consciousness at an earlier stage. When the deceased feels ready to say goodbye, he goes through an energy field of consciousness which often is experienced as a tunnel. This happens with or without guidance, following his own wish or necessity. This tunnel is a magnetic energy field of consciousness in which the complete Earthly life from birth on is registered minutely, like a home video. Every event, every thought, is re-experienced, yielding a certain amount of insight in the lived life. At the end of the tunnel, the Light of the Atom (the Soul) shines, which reminds him for a moment of his origin and of eternity.

The way we think determines how we experience our lives. Whether we have our thoughts under control or not, we are always responsible for them, and thereby we have the interpretation of our own life on Earth, our dying process and our afterlife at our disposal. About 70% of humanity experiences a passage from life to death more or less in a similar way. Depending on the circumstances of death, this is a slow or abrupt disengaging process.

The hereafter. As long as mankind lives within the reincarnation cycle, the Hereafter, also called the astral world, is an immeasurable electro magnetic energy field. In this field, the projection of our thoughts brings forth a reality. This is a kind of dream area, but tangibly real for the deceased tuned in to this field. The large diversity of human thoughts thereby creates many different astral realms. These realms are located within the seven states of consciousness we pass through during our reincarnation cycle.

The domain we call the Hereafter is an environment created by man himself! It looks the way you think. Each layer is solely accessible to people on the same wavelength, vibration, sound and colour frequency, or to those with a higher attuning, achieved through mastering the underlying layers within their consciousness. The rainbow is present throughout the whole cosmos and has an important function in cosmic evolutionary processes. Its colours also symbolize the seven stages of human consciousness in our reincarnation cycle.

Birth and consciousness. Our consciousness evolves by means of physical experiences we live through on Earth. Each finished life ends in the astral realms where the old form or personality remains at the same level of development as on leaving the Earth. The consciousness thereby builds its own structure with the experience of many thousands of lives and personalities. With each new birth on Earth, we receive new, unique and independent intellectual powers, indeed driven by consciousness, but always with the possibility to react to it with free will.

Until we have gone through all seven stages of the consciousness, the seven colours will fuse and attune to the white light of the Atom (the Soul), which enlightens our consciousness from that moment on. Life and death is no longer at stake.

The place and to whom someone is born is determined by a magnetic process which is attuned to the parents’ consciousness. About 4 weeks after conception, a first connection is created between the fetus inside the mother and the consciousness willing to live a new life on Earth. After approx. 4 months, a new life is created. The fetus is then inhabited. A new birth always takes place at about the date the previous life ended, enabling us to resume the thread astronomically. Exactly where the previous life ended.

Thoughts and consciousness. As in a dialogue we continually receive impulses from our consciousness to which thought reacts and which induces an action. This continuous exchange takes place via a kind of magnetic connecting cord between consciousness and the forehead. The physical effect flows through the brain and the nervous system. Experiences outside the brain are also processed via this magnetic cord, like dreams, a Near Death Experience or a psychosis. A second magnetic cord connects the Atom (Soul) to the heart. This cord provides the force of life in the physical body and works via the pulsating heart and the blood circulation.

Cause and Effect. The Universe in which we live is electro-magnetic, and therefore everything is attuned. Action, reaction, cause and effect - the Law of Karma - is an ingenuous process, originating from thought. This process is the basis of our evolution. Every thought we have is energy of a certain frequency, sound and colour. Every thought is a manifestation within our consciousness. Through magnetism, attuning to equivalent energy is created. Thereby we will always encounter what we have put into action ourselves in the past. This process keeps repeating itself until …. we come to understand and control the condition. Only then is there a thought of harmonious energy, and balance arises, and space for growth in consciousness.


Euthanasia. When the suffering gets intense and an improvement in the quality of life cannot be expected, we can decide to choose the moment of death ourselves. Exactly as in any other way of dying, with euthanasia it is equally important that the dying person has gained a certain insight into what lies ahead. In most cases, the moment of dying through euthanasia occurs in a peaceful way, depending on the emotional condition and personal level of consciousness of the person in question.

Organ donation. With organ donation, or the receiving of organs, it is important to have an insight into the possible consequences. Every cell in the human body is carefully attuned to personal levels of consciousness and Karma. Apart from the fact that someone with a transplanted organ can experience the karmic burden of his donor, how successful the process of the transplant takes place is also dependent on the level of consciousness, not only of the patient, but also of the donor. Some knowledge of this process should be a prerequisite before deciding to become an organ donor. Then things don’t come as a surprise to a donor after death, and he can act at his own discretion, resulting in a bigger success rate for the transplant.

Schizophrenia. This comes in many forms and the cause can often be found in extreme thought processes, from which the real cause often originates in previous lives. By the law of Karma a similar confrontation can take place in the present life at a certain moment. Consciousness uninhibitedly sends impulses of these similar previous events, which force themselves on thought. Thinking then becomes an obsession and can develop into uncontrollable and untamable obsessive thoughts. As mentioned earlier this is a process according to the law of cause and effect. Because of lack of knowledge of the origin, and lack of insight into the process, the problem usually becomes much bigger than necessary.

Someone diagnosed with schizophrenia should gather insight into this phenomenon and learn to recognize and separate between these upcoming thoughts, voices and emotions, and learn how to take control of this.

Psychosis. A psychosis is the conscious and simultaneous experiencing of several levels or states of consciousness. It is a manifestation of uncontrolled energy, projected into the layer of consciousness, in which we also experience the dream state when sleeping. A certain way of thinking can establish the frequency, permitting a direct attuning to this state of consciousness. Long-lasting obsessive thoughts, a traumatic event, drugs and other causes can create the vibrations enabling access to this ‘dream’ area.

Dementia. This is a phenomenon of stagnation of the exchange between the consciousness and daily conscious thoughts. The human physical body is connected by two separate magnetic ‘cords’ to the consciousness and the Atom (the ‘Soul’). A slow dissolving of this connection causes the occurrence of symptoms we recognize as dementia. When the connection is fully severed, one can no longer speak of conscious thinking. To someone in this condition, the body is merely a frame, kept in shape by the connecting magnetic cord controlling the heart. Until the moment of death, one could say that the conscious person in question is in a state of ‘sleep’.

Our climate. Natural disasters and catastrophes are often a reaction to the thoughts and actions of mankind. Destructive thoughts and the consequent events have throughout history often been responsible for the functioning of the Earth and the extreme violence of Nature. The present pollution scourging our Earth is also an attack on mankind and our planet.

Civilizations before and outside us. If you have insight into consciousness and thereby also into the origin of our life and our evolution, it is only a small step to understanding extraterrestrial life. If you look at this form from a broader perspective, we all originate from the same source, but have experienced a different development. Insight into consciousness and our evolution also makes it very clear that there have been hundreds of civilizations before us, like Atlantis for instance. Once we become aware of his, we will begin to look at our present time quite differently.


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