The first film in the Staya Erusa series was the pilot Staya Erusa - The Beginning. This film was released in 2006 (only in the Netherlands) and was a big hit in the Dutch art houses, both in numbers of visitors, as in the feedback that we received afterwards. Many appeared to have been touched by the insights; people that were completely new to this matter, but also people that are well up in this subject. Staya Erusa was worldwide the first film ever to be launched simultaneously via three media: in cinema’s, on DVD and on the Internet.

Together we will change the world

The first international Notion Picture ‘Staya Erusa - Find the Book of Knowledge’ was released for the world’s audience summer 2007. Prominent scientists and bestselling authors contributed to the film, because just they also realize that it takes a paradigm shift to increase Mankind’s consciousness.

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